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Let me introduce you to Cloverpot

Cloverpot allows you to easily transfer funds and diversify your investments all with just a Click

Cloverpot gives you a diverse range of assets to invest in thereby minimizing risk and compounding your interest.

A personal finance management tool with over 15 different assets to invest in

CloverPot gives You control of your Finances and Investments

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Our process


Collect capital from investers and divide it into investment pools


Invest pools as a group thereby  reducing investment costs


Pools can be broken at any time and the cash can be liquidated 


No upfront costs / minimum investment requirements 

As money is collected and pooled before investing in an asset we do not require any investment reuirements 

Investments made on Clover pot are compiled and made into a single investment pool. this reduces individual mandates and minimum requirements.


This means you can invest as little as 1 Dollar 

on an asset.

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Detailed growth and spending analysys

Clover pot provides you with easy to understand graphs and analytics to visualize your spending and capital growth.

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Diversify your investments with over 100 different assets

Invest in everything from stocks, crypto,  gold and P2P lending groups!!

Cloverpot offers multiple investment options with different assets and also with asset groups.

Different assets come with different risks and reward structures, thus by investing in multiple assets you can minimize risk and maximize rewards.

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Chose an investment advisor to manage your funds

Clover pot provides you with multiple investment advisors to handle your investments, for free.

you can see their growth rate and their portfolio before choosing an advisor.

Advisors take a small cut from any profits made, each advisor had different activity levels (No of trades) and stability (continuous profits)

You can also choose to spread your investments with multiple advisors.

Easily create and transfer funds between Digi cards

Digital cards allow you to fragment your capital and control investments

Digi cards are the building blocks of Cloverpots investment system. It provides the user with a wide range of control over their money.


Digital cards can be used for investments, money sharing or just separating your accounts.

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Transfer funds and gain rewards 

Clover pot provides you with an easy and understandable payment solution, you can also transfer unbroken investment blocks.

You also receive exciting rewards for each transaction 

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